One minute practice: connection

Saturday, 1 am at night, Sunday morning actually … Just when I decide that I must be the loneliest creature on the planet, I stumble upon an article about loneliness.

David, the author of the article, asks himself, in my opinion, the legitimate question if it ever stops. It seems like we all have to go through so many lessons, trials and struggles. And just when you think you’ve got it figured out or you “learned your lesson”, as it is often reffered to in spiritual circles, the universe lays the hammer down on you with some new conflict. But what if there would be a shortcut, a way to feel fulfilled in our lives, here and now? His secret is consciously maintaining the feeling of being connected to the world trough the 1:1:1 method: 1 day. 1 person. 1 moment.

Every day…

…no matter how busy you might be…

make the time to savor one moment…

…and engage in one meaningful connection with another human being.

Maybe you already have this courage to stay connected with humanity, not in the way of Facebook, but in the way of reaching out and once a day, diving into another’s heart…?

For me this is not always easy but from now on I will make 1:1:1 a part of my daily practice. How about you?


with Zin & Zen